About Tara Bianca

Stress-Free-Pregnancy is founded with
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Empowering expecting parents to enjoy their pregnancy.

Tara BiancaTARA BIANCA is a spiritual and transformational coach, facilitator and author whose inspirational mentorship empowers everyday people to transform their lives to access joy, aliveness, clarity, focus and direction.

Her passion is inspired by her own transformation when, after many years of incredible emotional and spiritual suffering, her physical health unraveled. Recognizing the power of responsibility and presence, she discovered a pathway to peace and joy. Since then she has dedicated her life to assisting those who are ready to live an intentional and extraordinary life of joy.

Her book Stress Free Pregnancy is an important step in assisting parents to birth babies freer of stress than previous generations, so that these children have the opportunity to excel in life. The book was inspired by two discoveries. The first discovery was that most of her clients’ core issues stemmed from their parents’ stress and suffering. The second revelation was the rising number of pregnant women who suffered from stress, depression and anxiety.

After obtaining a B.A. Degree, Tara had a business background in operational management before spending seven years as a nutritional researcher, coach and personal living foods chef to celebrities.

Currently, Tara is a writer, speaker, coach and consultant for transformational aliveness. Her multidisciplinary approaches and methods guide people through quantum shifts to access their ability to create a life from an entirely different level of consciousness and to be a source of inspiration for others in the world. She writes about transformation, aliveness, consciousness, pregnancy and nutrition.

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