The Book

Stress Free Pregnancy Book

The Stress Free Pregnancy Book

If You Are Pregnant or Ready to Get Pregnant You’ll Feel EMPOWERED
After Reading This Book

Stress, depression and anxiety can negatively effect the mental, physical and emotional development of you baby in utero and into adulthood. Reducing or eliminating stress during your pregnancy is one of the most essential things you can do for the health of your baby.

Over 100 empowering suggestions to create a stress free pregnancy and to create a peaceful prenatal experience for you and your baby!

An inspirational guide, with dynamic techniques and simple practices based on the latest prenatal research, to show you how to make the best choices to optimize your baby’s health and development. This book contains content so valuable to maintaining a stress-free life…you’ll use it even after your baby is born.


  • The first step in having a peaceful prenatal experience
  • A powerful technique to clear negative emotions, trauma and stress
  • Useful strategies for reducing and eliminating stress
  • How to shift negative thinking
  • The best strategies for relaxing
  • The worst foods for creating cellular stress

Create a peaceful pregnancy with simple but powerful strategies from the Stress Free Pregnancy book!